Born and raised in the Southern U.S., I was surrounded by the cultural notion that it was cool to talk to strangers. Once I realized I could use my camera as an excuse to show, rather than tell, people's hopes, dreams, fears, experiences and character, I was hooked. 

Today, I'm an independent multimedia journalist based in the southern part of Michigan, with a focus on long term documentary work. I am finishing my BA in Sociology at Western Kentucky University and in the Fall of 2014 I was an international photo student at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Before going solo, I interned for This...Is Louisville, The Oregonian, The Roanoke Times, The Flint Journal, The Washington Post, The San Antonio Express-News and was a photographer on the Getty Emerging Talent roster.

I've also had the privilege of collaborating with the Western Kentucky University Talisman, The College Heights Herald, Community Action of Southern Kentucky, CNN, Reuters, The Ground Truth Project, The Buffalo News, ESPN, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, AARP,  Bleacher Report, Vice, and TIME Lightbox.

Lets talk storytelling. 

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