We Fear the Water

It was April 2014 when, at the push of a button, the Flint River — which hadn’t been treated for daily use in over 50 years — became the city of Flint, Michigan’s main water source. Government leaders cited a potential savings of around $5 million over the course of two years for a city staring into the face of financial emergency. However, at a human cost, came residents, both young and old who were unknowingly drinking water poisoned with a known neurotoxin - lead. It was almost two years before they were notified of it’s presence, not by government officials who sought to cover up the man made disaster, but through the vigilant work of activists, mothers, a local pediatrician and a scientist from miles away. Today, those still living in city of Flint who are left coping with a failing infrastructure, a lost trust in their government system and a looming sense of fear for their health. 

Spring of 2015 - Ongoing